Gaussian Elimination is a process whereby you can solve a series of linear equations. As an
example consider: these three equations:

3x + 2y - z = 1
6x + 6y +2z = 12
3x - 2y + z  = 11

Can we easily find a way to find values of x,y,and z where all three are satisfied?. Through
Gaussian Elimination we can find the folowing solution:

x = 2, y = -1, z = 3

To see the applet solve this problem press the Demo button and then press the Solve once or the
Step Solve button repeatedly.

To solve other problems enter the number of rows and column and Press the Setup
button. Then fill in the appropriate values in the Initial Matrix. Press the Solve button, this will open
a new window Press the Solve button in this new window once or the Step Solve button repeatedly.

By Dick Christoph
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