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Welcome to my home page. Currently there are links to Java Games and other applets I wrote.

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Java Applet Games and Examples

These Games and applets require Java to be installed on your computer.

These Applets were developed and tested with Netscape Communicator 4.03
and Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Navigator 3.0. The bigger ones assume
a screen size of at least 800x600 (Super VGA).


1.  Pixie Roundup -  Add blocks to roundup Pixies into a goal.

2.  Bridges -  Add bridges to board to complete a path and block your opponent.

3.  Links  -  Add links to a path to try to leave opponent with no moves.

4.  RockSlide - Add rocks to board, try to create bigger rockslides than your opponent..

Other Java Examples

1. Bin Packing Demo - Bin Packing Example. For some number of bins and some
number of items of various sizes the applet arranges the items so that each bin has
about the same total  The "Write Results" button allows viewing of entire set in
another window (generated by JavaScript).Press Go to show default example or
Press "Random", Enter Number of Bins, and Quantity and press Go to get a random set.

2. City Demo - Dynamic Shortest Path - Press Go button for default example. Press
Random, Enter Number of Cities and Press Go button for random layout. As time passes
counters show progress of travel from the first city to the last city.Occasionally roads turn
from green to red to indicate they are broken and impassable.Traffic is then re-routed.

3.  Gaussian Eliminator - Implementation of Gaussian Elimination. Solves a system of linear equations.
Press Demo for default example.

4.  Gear Animation Demo - Press Go for default example. Press Random, Enter number
of gears and press Go button for random set. Gears turn and drive each other, buttons
are available to reverse, speed up, slow down, and stop gears.

5. Dancing Lines in Boxes - Enter number of boxes and press Go button

6. 3x3 Magic Square Solver - Enter three numbers and press Solve button, the
applet will determine if the three numbers entered can be used as basis for 3x3 Magic Square.

Contact Information

Send me email at dc01@vigilant75.com with any questions or comments.
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